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Darkfall Building a Mage



By skreww L00se

Starter Area
Perform the nectar of the gods questline (started at the councilor). You will get rewards called the Nectar of the gods potion. Use these until your stats hit 25 each.
Complete the 160 goblins & 160 trolls tasks
Do a few of the other easy tasks

Note: Your dawnstaff (starting weapon) will only level your lesser magic!

Save your meditation points until each stat is 25 from the nectar of the gods potions. Once those are finished set meditation to Quickness until Stage 2 of the guide. Access meditation by click Journal (top black/yellow bar, picture of quill, menu, meditation, checkbox for enable in the bottom right, select what you want, hit save)
Lesser Magic
Level Lesser Magic to 50 by casting Mana Missile.
Use Scribing to level Mana to Stamina & Stamina to Health.
Scribing is a crafting skill purchased from an Arcanist. Purchase a quill from the merchant. Head to the Arcanist table. Use a Papyrus to make a blank scroll. Combine a blank scroll with a lesser magic essence to make a scroll of X.

At 50 Lesser Magic you can purchase Greater Magic. Go to the capital city, Mage. Click on “Service”. In it you will find a list “Fire Magic Spells, Air Magic Spells etc.”. Find “Magic Skills”. Click the +. Click on the symbol for Greater Magic but not the plus and click buy.

Greater Magic
Level 1
Purchase Rend spell (Find Greater Magic Spells on the above list, expand it and buy Rend).
Cast Rend on the goblins and trolls you should be farming.
Level 10
Heal Other. Use a few scrolls and essences to get Heal Other to level 25.
Level 15
Purchase Missile Fury
Level 25
Purchase Spell Chanting
Purchase Witchcraft

Witchcraft Magic
Level 1
Level 10
Durable Spells Witchcraft;
Level 30
Mana Efficiency Witchcraft
Level 35
Witchesbrew. Use essences as you get them to bring this spell to 75 over time.

Spell Chanting Magic
Level 1
Mana Blast
Level 10
Durable Spells Spell Chanting
Level 30
Sacrifice.  Use essences as you get them to bring this spell to 75 over time.
Mana Efficiency Spell Chanting

Continue to cycle Needles, Rend, Missile Fury and Mana Blast until 50 Greater Magic. At level 50 purchase Begone. You can now buy your first elemental school. You should stay blue alignment until this point.



This section of the guide will be a lot more flexible; the order can be somewhat changed around depending on what reagents & essences you have. Trade books/manual pages for scrolls/essences.

The aim is to get a group of “Ray” spells. You will put all of these one key and set the Cycling Mode to First Available. I have mine bound to E. I suggest putting Impale at the front order on the key.

Here is a list of suggested spell levels for maximum efficiency.

I suggest farming with a partner or two. Try to farm medium level mobs. Ideally ones that drop gold, regs and essences. My guide is pure PvP, I am doing no gathering or crafting except making some occasional food. You don’t need armor. This is a very expensive build and I luckily have teammates that gank a lot of other players and give me regs.

Here is what a completed mage should have:

Throughout this section take the time to watch Gotjas PvP guide. It is extremely valuable.

Buy these when possible
Archmage 75 Intelligence
Focus 50 Intelligence
Mana Conservation 60 Greater Magic, 60 Intelligence
Veteran Mage 75 Greater Magic

Greater Magic
Use your essences to level Begone. Needs to be 50-75 ASAP.

For each school you’ll start leveling it by casting the bolt spell.

Starting here I meditate the Fire Magic School. I will note when to switch off.

Fire Magic

Level 1
Firebolt “Bolt”
Level 10
Durable Spells Fire Magic
Level 20
Dragons Breath “ray”
Level 25

At this point we are going to swap to another school so we can power level to another ray spell. Purchase Air Magic. When power leveling these elemental schools to get rays I just use the bolt. I am not casting fire spells at all. Getting the school to the required ray level ASAP is key.

Air Magic

Level 1
Ball Lightning “Bolt”
Arrow Shield
Level 10
Durable Spells Air Magic
Level 20
Lightning Bolt “Ray”

Now we will continue the process for getting a ray from another school. Purchase Earth Magic.

Earth Magic

Level 1
Acid Arrow “Bolt”
Level 10
Durable Spells Earth Magic
Level 30
Impale “Ray”
Mana Efficiency Earth Magic

Water Magic

Level 1
Clear Thoughts
Level 10
Durable Spells Water Magic
Level 20
Frostbite “Ray”

At this point we go back to Fire Magic to get some bigger AoE spells.

Fire Magic

Level 50
Fireball - “Rank 50 Nuke”. Add this to it’s own key, I use Q.
Quicken Spells Fire Magic
Level 60
Rapid Shot
Level 70
Wall of Fire - “Field AoE”. Add this to it’s own key, I use Shift+F.
Level 75
Magma Storm - Add this to it’s own key, I use C
Intensify Fire Magic
Level 90
Inferno “Rank 90 Nuke”

Switch meditation to Spell Chanting

Now we are cycling the following spells on mobs [Fireball, All Rays (impale, dragons breath, lightning bolt, frostbite), Mana Blast, Needles]. We are aiming to get Spell Chanting to 50. At 50 Spell Chanting purchase Arcane Magic.

Arcane Magic
Level 1
Hasten Spells

Switch meditation to Earth

Earth Magic
Level 50
Stoneskin, use scrolls & essences to level
Level 70
Pungent Mist - Add this to it’s own key, I use Shift+E

Switch meditation to Witchcraft

Now we want to get Witchcraft to 60 but also be leveling your listed spells above.

Witchcraft Magic
Level 60
Insect Swarm “Ray”. Add to your ray key.

Switch meditation to Vitality or Quickness



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